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Hey there gorgeous!

I am so happy to share my new site with you and all the love and inspiration that goes with it. Consider this a place of sisterhood, community, and support for you to share and grow with all women who want to start living their life BIG.

What to look forward to

On this blog you will find an array of inspiring information such as, self-love affirmations, beauty info, how to live your life to the fullest, ways to love your body and skin, spiritual inspiration, how to take back your life, and a lot more to follow.

My story

Until a few years ago, I didn’t realize how small I had been living my life. I was always dreaming of these big ideas and adventures to come, but something was always holding me back from making them happen.

I spent many years blaming other people and circumstances for why I never did this or that. What took me so long to learn, was that I was the reason I never did those things. My own limiting thoughts kept me living my life small and missing out on opportunities and experiences. I was constantly feeding my self-doubt with comments like, I can’t do that, I am not good enough, No one would ever want me, That’s too hard for me, That will never happen, I wish.

I was dating all the wrong people, holding myself to a very low standard of achievement, and watching life pass me by as I sat in a “safe zone,” all while limiting my life.

Recognizing this pattern was the first step for me, when I started seeing it show up in every area of my life, I knew then, that I was the one holding myself back. I started making some small changes at first, like saying YES to myself. YES I can get a massage if I want one, YES I do deserve a man who treats me like this, YES I can have my dream job, YES I can move to Hawaii if I want to.

I started changing the way I talked to myself, the way I saw myself, the way I treated myself, and the way I allowed other to treat me. These small changes changed my life in BIG ways. I also realized how many people are living their lives smaller than they are meant to. How many people are settling for less because they don’t believe they deserve more. This limiting belief in yourself affects EVERY part of your life. It affects the way you show up for your family and friends, your job, your dreams, your goals. It affects your happiness, your mind, how you treat others and how you treat yourself.

Are you ready?

I created this blog because it’s one example of me living my life BIG by speaking my truth, and because I want to help you live your life BIG by realizing your own worth and possibilities in life. So together, let’s stop living life smaller and start living your life to its full potential, because you are worth it!

Get out of your own way, and see what happens.


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