Katie Cady

Aloha! I’m Katie Cady (yes my last and first name are said the same, thank you marriage)

I am currently living the aloha life in Hawaii with my guy and our four legged child, Cuddy. I am an eclectic, chocolate loving, turquoise wearing, gold obsessed, gypsy spirited, soul searcher who loves laughing, pasta and all things inspiring.

My career life started in the beauty industry, where I became a product junkie, gained an appreciation for comfy shoes, and learned to talk a mile a minute. I was originally drawn to the beauty industry for its shiny, shimmery allure of all things beautiful, it didn’t take me long to see that what really drew me in was the ability to help women feel beautiful and confident about themselves. The hair and makeup was really a secondary aspect of my career, seeing women look at their reflection and smile at their own beauty was where it was at for me. Over the years I came to known these women, who sat in my chair, more intimately than I knew my friends. Through all of their stories of love, life, heartbreak, and trials, one common thread ran through every single one of them, the desire to feel beautiful.

After a decade in the industry I knew I wanted to do more than just help women feel beautiful on the outside, or in the moment, I wanted them to smile at their reflection every day, I wanted them to love themselves all the time, and to known their own worth, always.

I recognized that commonality in myself. This need to feel beautiful and accepted and noticed. The easiest way to feel that seems to be through our outside appearance. The majority of my life I spent more time focused on the outside me, that I never spent time working on the inside me. Shoot, I really never spent much time recognizing that there was an inside me. I always thought, if I feel good on the outside, then I will feel good on the inside. It worked for a while, or at least had the appearance of working. It wasn’t until years later that I realized it wasn’t working at all.

I spent my younger years pursuing outward beauty, and the attention of others as the gauge of my own worth. Being noticed was my way of feeling important and validated. This left me being the victim to the circumstances in my life. My worth shifted depending on what someone else thought about me, or said about me, or didn’t say about me. When I felt validated by others I was on top of the world, when I didn’t receive that validation I was down on myself and everything about me. This was an exhausting way to live life, and it wasn’t fulfilling at all.

When I finally took a step back and looked at the way I saw myself and treated myself, I knew, I knew that I had it all backwards. I didn’t want to live my life trying to make everyone else like me, I really just wanted to like myself. This was the beginning of a self-love journey for me, and truly connecting with myself and who I am, what I like, and what I want in life. This was the start of something new. I found myself no longer searching for validation from others opinions of me. This changed everything, the way I saw myself, the way I spoke, the way I treated myself and others, the way I saw life and dreams. Anything was possible because I didn’t need someone else to tell me I was enough, I knew I was.

For women feeling beautiful is empowering and inspiring. We live in a world where beauty seems to be this mold that we are suppose to fit in to, a certain style, a certain look, a certain size. Anyone that doesn’t fit that mold is either obsessed with contouring and starving their way there, or left feeling like they just aren’t enough.

What is “beauty” anyway!? When did beauty become a ONE SIZE FITS ALL measurement? Fun fact, IT’S NOT. Beauty is more than your looks and the number on that little tag. It comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes. You know what makes things beautiful? Diversity, authenticity, confidence, and not caring what everyone else thinks about you. Beauty is knowing and owning who you are.

So let’s BREAK THE BEAUTY MOLD, and start embracing your own beauty, your own vibe, your own image, and let your true self tell her own story on the outside, because that beauty is worth knowing.

Join me in changing the way you see yourself, the way we see each other, and the way the world sees beauty.

I dream of a world where women are not intimidated by other women, where we build each other up and inspire one another. I hope for a day when young girls are taught to love themselves more than the opinion of others. I long for a time when women teach each other how to know who they really are and let that authenticity shine thru in every word, every thought, every stretch mark, every breathe, every wrinkle. – Katie